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“a step forwards the 'no furniture”

Before being perceived as an element of furniture, this design tends to fascinate by its underlying complexity translated in a simple strong form. ‘Ondine’ strikes the viewer as being somewhat organic: alive, supple and inherently mysterious…


The modular exterior furniture design ‘Ondine’, laureate of the Parckdesign competition 2007 ‘Embrassons les arbres’ organized by ‘Bruxelles Environnement’ and ‘Pro-Materia’, is the fruit of a close collaboration between designer Michael Bihain and Belgian architect Cédric Callewaert. ‘Ondine’s’ main concept is its capacity to subject its viewer, or user, to multiple interpretations: sculpture, bench, or ufo from an unknown destination…


Divided in 3 identical modules, ‘Ondine’ can be repositioned continuously. It offers a longitudinal sitting element as well as a curious circular one. Its organic curves as well as its modularity offers a wide range of sitting possibilities permitting it to adapt to different types of settings.


The exterior version is made of 8mm sheets of chromatised, powder-coated & lacquered steel.



white, gray, red, green, orange & black



H.17>57 Dia.245 cm

Edited by TF France


Designed by Michaël Bihain

with the Belgian architect Cédric Callewaert


Pictures: Pierre-François Gerard, Bihain Studio





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