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Diaphragm is a stool that triggers a questioning on the synthesis of its composition which is ‘emotion / construction’. Indirectly, it revisits the archetype of the stool anchored in the collective mind.

Its response takes place upon the use of three identical elements, fitted at the standard angle of 90°.

It offers both a functional and emotional effect that is seldom found, unused even that incarnates dynamism and movement. This stool invites us to be active. Its attractive shape interrogates us on our manner of approaching it. Its appearance is made to stand out by its own construction which offers a main cover and a great deal of comfort. Diaphragm stools have the advantage of been stackable one on top of the other.


Future vision/ Sustainability/Innovation:

Diaphragm is a product that asks for a necessary emotional participation to ensure long- term appreciation. This stool creates an awakening within us and a level of indispensable pro-activity

to our sensitivity.


The manufacturing of Diaphragm is optimized, low-energy consuming and has the great advantage

of not needing the creation of a new mold. Its shape has the qualities that allow its finishing not to be influenced by the ever changing moods of fashion.


The following assembled criteria: questioning, archetype, dynamism, revisiting, pro-active emotion, functionality, coherence and constructive evidence- are all part of the Diaphragm stool. All these united aspects make Diaphragm a long-lasting stool.

Material :

Fitted multiplex, 

Finish: natural ash wood or lacquered ash (white, black, orange, red, yellow, blue, or green)



H. 45cm D. 37,5-43,5cm






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