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In collaboration with the belgian architect Cédric Calleweart.


This project offers a re-organisation of the traditional ‘3 rooms-in-a row flat’ to improve the usage of available space.


The central room reunites the ‘utility’ functions [entrance- moving around space-kitchen-dressing room] that are set around a new volume. The new shape contains the kitchen to which it offers additional storage space. Slightly detached from the floor and the ceiling, this volume floats in space, allowing a clear picture of the existing ‘3 roomed flat’.


An integrated indirect lighting system re-enforces this sensation of space. Due to its lengthwise set-up and satiny white finishing, the new volume allows natural daylight to shine right through to the centre of the flat. Following the same mindset, a laterally lit blade of sanded glass very subtly separates the kitchen from the dressing room.


The bar, made out of wenge, is used both as a limit and a visual bond between the kitchen and the living room.  Its pure lines and texture create a dialog with the overhanging white volume.


The front room, whose size is initially decreased due to the presence of the kitchen in the continuation of the staircase, gradually opens up allowing more daylight to shine through into the living room.


The back room, redesigned to allow sufficient space for a double bed, has an independent access to the toilets from the living area. The new bedroom includes a big dressing room and indirect lighting via the false ceiling.


The contemporary intervention, limited to the setting-up of two volumes, offers a complete reorganisation of the spaces and their lighting. This intervention is clearly found in its subtle link to what already exists.

Brussels, Belgium.

Design by C. Callewaert & M. Bihain

Photography : Xavier Delory





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