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The new ‘Stripe’ model harks back to wooden wall panelling which radiates warmth and comfort. The straight lines lend any interior an appealing breadth. These panels, too, can be individually coloured and also fitted separately. They can be fitted either horizontally or vertically, or even at a 45-degree angle, in a herringbone pattern or with a symmetrical appearance reminiscent of an open book. These five different approaches obviously offer a whole host of options for creative design solutions. In addition, ‘Stripe’ has been specially designed to incorporate LED lighting. Lighting effects can be used individually or across the whole surface, offering yet more design options. This colourful yet subtle play between light and shade enhances the interplay of colour and pattern even further.

Matériau :

Synthetic foam



L.1135 x l.380 E.30 mm

Arstyl - Wall panels


Pictures by Arstyl





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