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Libri received the '+1 Award' at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, "Best New Product Design 2008".


Libri is a storage solution suitable for our nomadic lifestyle. Libri shelf in white or black lacquered ash wood can be used as a single unit attached to the wall. It can also be combined with addtional Libri shelves assembled in width along the wall or right out from the wall as a room divider or even back to back to become a free standing shelving system. The legs are equipped with adjustability in height for uneven floors, and they can be adjusted after the shelf/shelves has/have been attached to the wall or to each other.

Finish :

white or black lacquered ash wood



H.227 W.38 D.29,5 cm

Edited by Swedese


Photography: Mikael Strinnhed, Swedese
Images: Pierre-Franois Gerard





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