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Kids Driven Design / Reciprocity Design Liège 2012


An initiative by: Paul-Emile Mottard, Provincial Deputy in charge of Culture in Liège

General management: Wallonie Design

Artistic direction: Giovanna Massoni

Secretariat : OPMA - Province of Liège - Culture


Website : reciprocity-2012

Take one museum, one professional designer, twelve children, four design students, six video/photography students, five local companies and what do you get? Kidsdrivendesign (KDD). A co-design workshop that investigates, prototypes and presents ideas to ‘carry water’. Follow the balloon trail & beyond to see many minds making a splash.


(in a smaller font/different colour)

Meet the co-designers: elias, elina, eva, fanny, jules, léa,

Luana, marie, odile, robin, simon, sophie, michaël, emilie, charlotte, william, jean-antoine, edith, stephanie x 2, clio, giovanna, marie, emma & thomas.

Images : Bihain Studio


Concept and pedagogical programme:

Emma Firmin, in collaboration with the Educational Department of the Grand Curtius Museum.


Coordination of the workshop:

Michaël Bihain (designer), Stéphanie Koch (Wallonie Design), Edith Schurgers (Grand Curtius) and together with: Charlotte Bonten, Emilie Sypszak, Jean-Antoine Dutreuill & William Larrière (ESA Saint-Luc Liège – interior design and industrial design students)


Photographers :

Anaïs Longatte, Luigi Masci, & Anne-Sophie Reuter (students Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Liège)



Simon Hennaut, Sarah Lambert & Julien Nizet (students Académie des Beaux Arts - Liège)



Elias, Elina, Fanny, Eva, Jules, Léa, Luana, Marie, Odile, Robin, Simon & Sophie


Companies :

Val SainLambert


Design & Scenography :

Michaël Bihain


Thanks to:

Le Grand Curtius

Jean-Marc Gay - Direction de la Culture, des Musées et du Tourisme

Marie Remacle, attachée - Cabinet de la Culture & des Relations interculturelles Ville de Liège.




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