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The 'Illusion' table results from a research on different geometrical readings alongside the use of standard processes used in furniture creation. 'Illusion' is devoted to humanism and to furniture autonomy. The result is that of a welcoming table made from ash wood and varnished in black or white. Its lines reveal multiple particularities. Looked at from its own height, the table reveals its full sensuality; however, seeing from above, it appears like a simple and perfect rectangle. 'Illusion' is made from a material with a uniformed thickness but her proportions play with our senses. Although it appears like an autonomous table, 'Illusion' may leisurely be combined with others. 'Illusion' tables can be folded up in any desired way. 'Illusion' is a cunning mixture of qualities created by a curved, squared, and angular design.

Material :

Ash wood varnished in black or white



H.73 L.230 w.100 cm

Pictures by Anthony Graci





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